What is Remote Ketamine Assisted Therapy?

Remote Ketamine Assisted Therapy is a groundbreaking approach that bridges distance to deliver crucial mental health care. By combining secure telehealth technology with the therapeutic potential of ketamine, we support individuals facing mental health challenges like depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Our commitment is to offer you a path to healing no matter where you are located within Florida and Texas.

Each virtual session begins with a medically supervised ketamine experience, followed by online psychotherapy to integrate your experiences into actionable insights and profound personal growth. We design each session to align perfectly with your needs, offering a personalized journey toward well-being that’s as unique as your story.

With Remote Ketamine Assisted Therapy, you can navigate and resolve underlying issues that impact your mental health in a secure and compassionate virtual setting. This convenience ensures you benefit from a leading-edge therapy that promotes lasting wellness, seamlessly integrating with your lifestyle, regardless of your location. We also offer Dallas Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy.

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Benefits of Remote Ketamine Assisted Therapy

Pothos Health remote ketamine-assisted therapy offers the flexibility and convenience of receiving treatment from anywhere in Florida or Texas, combined with the personalized approach of integration therapy to nurture profound healing and sustainable improvement in mental well-being.

Fast-Acting Relief from Symptoms

Ketamine-assisted therapy can provide swift relief from persistent symptoms of anxiety, depression, and PTSD.

Enhanced Therapeutic Insight

The psychedelic properties of Ketamine can often lead to profound self-insights that support personal growth and recovery. Learn more about how our ketamine-assisted therapy in Dallas can enhance your self-understanding.

Long-Term Management of Conditions

Ketamine-assisted therapy can not only provide immediate symptom relief but also promote long-term resilience and effective management of your mental health conditions. See how you can gain lasting control over your mental wellbeing.

Session Pricing

Investing in your mental health is a positive step towards lasting change. Our Remote Ketamine Assisted Therapy rate is $550 per Approximately 2.5 hours per session session. Ready to take the first step? Learn more about our pricing or schedule an appointment.

Remote Ketamine Assisted Therapy

Our individually tailored ketamine-assisted therapy, priced at $550 per session, combines at-home ketamine treatments with remote integration sessions, fostering healing and growth.


per Approximately 2.5 hours per session session

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At Pothos Health, we are excited to broaden our reach through telemental health services!

Pothos Health is actively expanding to provide telehealth offerings throughout Texas and into Florida. Our initiative ensures that even if you are not in the Dallas area, you can still access our exceptional care from the comfort of your home. We are committed to making our renowned therapy services accessible to more clients in these states.

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