Healing may not be linear, but therapy is the compass that guides us through the darkest corners of our trauma.

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Transform Your Life with Professional Therapy Services

Transform your life and achieve your mental health goals with our specialized therapy services. Our expert trauma therapists offer personalized and compassionate support for individuals and couples struggling with personal issues or relationship challenges. Get started on your journey towards a healthier mind and body today.

Individual Therapy

In a 1:1 setting, we provide you a judgment-free environment to identify, process, and heal past traumas.

Relationship Therapy

Increase connection and communication with your partner by addressing concerns in a genuine, supportive space.

Mental Health Intensive

If you are struggling with mental health issues related to trauma, psychedelic therapy may be an effective option.

In case of an emergency or potential danger to yourself or others, refrain from utilizing this site. Instead, turn to these resources for immediate assistance.

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Our Process

At Pothos Health, we specialize in addressing the effects of traumatic experiences, including their lasting impacts.


Find a convenient time that works for you.

Create and Begin

Set up your personal portal to access important documents, and start.


Celebrate your progress with regular check-in sessions.

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