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Dive into our comprehensive collection of media appearances. From insightful articles and engaging podcasts to in-depth interviews, discover how Pothos Health is making a significant impact in mental health awareness and therapy innovations. Explore our media presence to learn more about our commitment to enhancing mental wellness and supporting our community.


Expert Insights: Seven Key Traits of Successful Couples

In a recent feature by Newsweek, experts shared essential traits found in couples who have thriving relationships. Among the insights were quotes from licensed counselor and Pothos Health co-founder, Kayla Meyer.


Understanding Masturbation Duration: Insights from Sexual Health Experts

Sexual health experts, including Dr. Jessica Shepherd and Kayla Meyer, LCSW from Pothos Health, discuss the nuanced perspectives on the appropriate duration of masturbation. This article explores why sexual activities, including masturbation, should not be constrained by rigid timelines and how personal comfort should guide individual practices.


Diving Into Humanity: Innovating Therapy with Kayla Meyer

In this insightful episode of 'Dont Sink,' Kayla Meyer, LCSW, co-founder of Pothos Health, shares her expertise in innovative therapy techniques, including Brainspotting and Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP). Discover how these approaches can unlock emotional wellbeing and lead to significant breakthroughs in personal growth.


Navigating Stress with Emotional Insights: Kayla Meyer's Practical Tips

Kayla Meyer, LCSW, Founder and CEO at Pothos Health, shares essential stress management techniques, emphasizing the importance of addressing the emotional roots and integrating body rest into daily life.


Exploring Family Dynamics and Boundaries in Sibling Conflicts

In a recent Newsweek article covering a dramatic family conflict at a wedding, Licensed Therapist Kayla Meyer discusses the crucial role of boundaries versus rules in resolving family disputes.

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